Ka'u Coffee

$ 15.50

100% Ka'u Coffee from the island of Hawaii.

Legend has it that the first Polynesians to step foot in Hawaii may have landed in Ka'u. There is archaeological evidence supporting the supposition of a landing near Ka Lae, as the Hawaiians call the most southern tip of the island of Hawaii.

The remote region of Ka'u has long been associated with sugar cane and macadamia nuts, but in the last decade it has soared to the top of the world’s specialty coffee scene.  Owing in large part to the efforts of independent small farmers, Ka’u coffee has achieved world-renowned status for its quality of coffee. Coffee produced in this region of Hawaii continues to grow more complex and higher quality every year. When you taste Ka’u you will enjoy the vibrancy and honey notes of citrus flowers and dried fruit in its bouquet.

Additional Information
Region: Kaʻū
Country: Hawaii, USA
Elevation: 750 meters
Harvest: August - February 
Cultivar: Kona Typica
Roast: Medium

About Maikai Coffee
Our dedication to quality comes from an obsession with pristine environments and the pure botanicals they produce. In Hawaii, we believe coffee benefits from some of the most unique ecosystems on the planet and results in truly notable crops. We pay careful attention to craft and process and celebrate each of Hawaii’s coffee growing regions with signature roasting that brings out their individually unique flavors. Some of our coffees are seasonal, some are available year round, but all of them are amongst the finest in the world.

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