Our Mission

Maikai Coffee pays prices that genuinely reflect the effort and costs made to grow and process outstanding quality. This begins with the coffee producer, the farmer who has diligently crafted a superior product, and it then extends to the the roaster, who through trial and craft brings out the intrinsic flavor profiles that make a coffee unique and delightful. Quality coffee is as complex and difficult to produce as fine wine, and should be explored, celebrated, and credited the same way. We believe in attribution of the people throughout our supply chain, as they are key resources and partners that arduously work to raise themselves above the matrix of commidity grade coffees. 


What Our Customers Say About Us

Featured testimonials

 I travel extensively for work and I constantly try coffee wherever I go. I haven't found anything that tastes better than Maikai. Is it the terrior? Their roasting? The absolute freshness? I have no idea, but I won't drink anything else. 

Jake K.

New York, New York

 I've been drinking Maikai Coffee's Ka'u coffee for several months now. Living in Los Angeles I get presented with a lot of coffee options but Maikai's is among the best. It's clean with a rich, earthy flavor and zero bitterness on the finish. Highly recommended. 

Mike L.

Los Angeles, California